Selling property should be quick and efficient and that’s why we advise our clients to try auctions. Though it may seem intimidating, it can actually be easier than turning to an open marketplace. By auctioning in a straightforward way, you can reach a new audience and have a clear path towards a sale.

Here's How it Works

Step 1

Make an appointment

Contact us by phone or email to make a no-obligation appointment. You’ll speak with a Dempsey representative who will schedule a time that is convenient for you. We’ll also get your address so we can meet you on-site. The Dempsey team will do our homework so we’re prepared to talk details when we meet you at your property.

Step 2

Determine your goals

Once we review your property, we create an individualized marketing strategy. This strategy will be based on your goals, which we’ll discuss during our visit. We meet with you on-site, review the property, then we’ll talk about your goals and how we can achieve them. Straightforward terms and conditions so, if you’re ready, we can execute a listing contract on-site. Or, if you’d rather, we’ll prepare a detailed proposal and provide it to you as soon as possible.

Step 3

Sell your property quickly and efficiently

Our team will be present throughout the auction process to make sure your goals are met. Once we enter into a contract, we create a timeline and everyone in logistics, operations, and advertising contributes to creating the marketing strategy for your property. On the day of the auction, don’t be intimidated by uncertainties. Our team will be right beside you ensuring that the goals we discussed in our first meeting are met.

What are the benefits?

- Qualified Buyers (No Financial Contingency)

- No Appraisal Contingency

- No Inspection Contingency

- Sellers get maximum exposure for their properties.

- The marketing strategy differs from conventional advertising. It is more concentrated, therefore more intense and visible.

- High carrying costs are avoided.

- Through auctions, the seller is in control and knows that if properly priced, his property will sell on a certain date which is usually within 45-60 days from the auction listing.

- Creates competition among buyers -- auction price can exceed the price of a negotiated sale.

- A seller knows exactly when the property will sell.

- A seller sets the terms and conditions of the sale, maintains control of the property throughout the auction.

- Auction eliminates numerous and unscheduled showings.